Make Money For Sharing Your Links! 2014

RichLink is a free service that pays members for the links they share. We have sponsorship deals with top advertisers that allow us to display their ads when visitors are linked to a page.
We believe that the power of reaching consumers by sharing ad-revenue is one of the most effective forms of advertising on the Internet - and a win-win situation for both our members and our advertisers.
Our members are our greatest asset and we pledge to work harder to maintain the loyalty of our members and advertisers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Because we've been involved with the interactive advertising industry literally since Day One, and because we remain at the center of a community of tens of thousands of advertisers, publishers & vendors, we are in a unique position to assist you with your promotional needs.
Whether you are a site or e-zine publisher seeking to generate increased revenue through online advertising or an advertiser with a specific need, challenge or target audience that you need to reach online, we can help.
Advertiser Solution
If you are interested in purchasing advertisements on, please contact us.

How it works?
With RichLink you will make easy money just by posting links to websites, forums, blogs and more. The only thing you have to do is generate new paying links in our system and replace your old links.
All you have to do is join our site (it's free) and start creating your links. For each page you add, you'll get a RichLink paying link that you can start posting links to websites, forums, blogs and more. Your new paying links will still point to the same page, but will have an ad type of your choosing that will earn you money. Each time one of your links is clicked -- you earn money. 

RichLink allows you to earn a percentage of what your referrals make in addition to your own earnings. As you refer more people, the commision you receive increases proportionately. There is no limitation on the number of people you can refer and in this case the more the better.
As a referral partner, you can place one of our text links and/or banners on your website to direct visitors to You start generating income when a user clicks on your text link or banner and registers as a RichLink advertiser or publisher. You are eligible to earn 10% commission of daily earnings from referred publishers and daily advertising spending of referred advertisers.
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